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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rowdy by Charles David

Getting Rowdy: Charles David's new boot gets us excited for fall weather.
There's just not much to not like about the Rowdy: it's a classic equestrian silhouette sporting some military details. In fact, maybe it's not so much equestrian as something akin to what the Duke of Wellington might have worn to Waterloo when he trounced the French. (For further reading we recommend Thackeray's magnificent Vanity Fair. We love to hate you, Becky Sharp!). There's the arched top with a bellows cinched by an adjustable strap; the second cinch along the rand; a moderate heel height perfect for warhorses; and our favorite little bit of military pageantry: the back zipper with red taping. Marvelous!

A boot like this deserves nothing less than an outfit to command. We took advantage of its clean lines and fighting spirit to develop a classic all-American outfit that would make Ralph Lauren jealous. (Thanks to our ever-expanding apparel and accessories selections, we were able to put it together in-house.) The basic long-sleeve tee by BB Dakota and denim leggings by H.U.E. should be in every girl's wardrobe. We added some fall texture with a neutral plaid scarf and some sheen with Tano's glossy leather knapsack. For a youthful kick, we layered and scrunched sweater leggings over the denim. A field of prairie grass and wild rye is optional, but highly encouraged for all-American authenticity.

Of course accessories can make or remake the look. And while the sunglasses above are the model's own, we have a ton (maybe literally) of necklaces, bracelets, bags and more. Layer in some saddle leather-inspired cuffs or bunched-chain rings to take your all-Americanness to the streets. The collegiate look of bookbag and layered cuffs can be switched out for a rural ruggedness by swapping for a blanket coat by BB Dakota, or, add fur pieces and a Pour La Victoire Twiggy bag for a chic city vibe.

This boot is so easy to style because it stays true to a classic, even timeless, style. Grab a pair and head directly to your closet and work up some new looks. Go on, get crazy! Or, at least, Rowdy.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fox-Trot by Pajar

Make an Entrance: The Fox-Trot by Pajar dances with the season's killer fur trend.
The Fox-Trot is the turducken of our fall shoe lineup. Innermostly, we have a a fine Italian wool lining—a natural insulator and wicking fabric to keep your feet warm and comfortable even in wet conditions. The possibility of your feet getting wet is slim, however, given the middle layer—a cowhide upper—and by cowhide we mean this boot should come with a horse comb. And speaking of grooming, the outermost layer of our wearable feast is an explosion of variegated fox fur bound with a suede tie.

This improbable blend of fabrics sounds like a whole lot of too much but, like a turducken, when you try it you realize how right too much can be. Appearances to the contrary, Fox-Trot is a demure boot; it shows itself coyly. From a distance it is all fur, bold and beautiful over a dark toe. A closer inspection reveals the sleek grooming of the cowhide and perhaps an unexpected element like the man-made sole. Trying this boot on is to experience a truly comfortable all-weather shoe. (They make Pajar in Montréal, friends. You think they don't know from cold?) The molded, thermal rubber sole boasts stolid traction. The suede thong ties at front to add a bit of form to the fur, but it's chiefly decorative.

Solid-color leggings are a perfect match to the Fox-Trot. They'll set off the boot without confusing the look. As the weather takes a turn for the worse, switch to skinny jeans and a sporty anorak. When the snow comes, do not forget a very long, one-color, chunky knit scarf—your opportunity to play with texture and material contrasts. Though it goes without saying, we will say it anyway: not too much. To extend our metaphor, the Fox-Trot is a rich repast; no need to make the meal richer with added patterns and textures in your outfit. Happy wearing ... or should we say Bon Apetit?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Winsford by Sam Edelman

Fur Sure: The shearling Winsford makes us actually look forward to cold weather.

There is a lot to love with Sam Edelman (when isn't there?). Edelman's latest offering, the Winsford, heats up our love to Fatal Attraction proportions. We love the blend of manly details and edgy studs with this season's most romantic (and cuddly) accessory, fur—shearling, if we're being specific. The genuine shearling toppers are understated luxury. We've paired it about with a faux vest. The difference in texture—the tight nap of the shearling, the long wave of the faux fur vest—keeps the look current without over-saturating it.

Details on the upper are no less satisfying. Antiqued brass studs secure the two-tone top to a plastic (think of it as faux wood) sole, which itself boasts a rubber lug tread. A second set of studs with a hammered pattern add some more interest. We like the Anorak-meets-urban kool kid we have going on up here: fur elements over a wispy cowl-cum-hoodie. Pair up with a supple leather bag like this olive gem from Cut N Paste. The leather or another element with seasonal structure will contrast nicely with the organic look of the fur, real or fake.

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