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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daylight by Nicole

Darkest Before the Don: Nicole's Daylight shines a light on your ensemble.

We have a slight obsession with Nicole, in no small part because Lori recently spent a quality afternoon in Milan shopping with Maurizio Celin, Nicole's designer and all-around handsome lad. But connections aside, the Daylight stands out for its blend of the simple and the lavish.

The spare but elegant T-strap is the perfect shade of turquoise. This thin blue line leads up to an ankle cuff and full heel cup over a soft, suede footbed with contrast stitching. Besides acting as a secure support, this nicely frames the bold cluster of clear glass gems at the front of foot.

We're seeing this with skinny jeans: imagine that bright stripe of blue leading down to flashing gems over a fantastic pedi. But we also know it would work with a flowing spring dress. We like a bold green, maybe even yellow or fuschia -- something that clashes a bit to bring out some personality with the sun.

Daylight is the perfect shoe for these lean times, mirroring our own concerns balancing responsible spending and a desire to be happy and comfortable. (And at $78 is does a pretty darn good job of the former.) If so-called Recessionista is the look of the late aughts, then Daylight may well be the dawn of a new way of dressing where a little bit of flash carries, but doesn't overwhelm, quality construction and grace of shape.

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