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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Blooms by Poetic License

March Showers ... : Our April is looking flowery thanks to Spring Blooms by Poetic

Have you ever noticed a certain insecurity amongst the superhero set? Superman can fly, is invincible, has heat rays and supersonic hearing, but in case you forget who he is, look for the glaring red S on his chest. Spiderman has the proportionate strength and agility of a spider and slings around Manhattan on gossamer spidersilk. Lest you mistake him for some lesser arthropod, his costume boasts a sleek spider. Batman has his bat thing. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the list goes on. Seems no matter what your abilities, looking well-appointed is essential to a healthy self-esteem. (We're sure that raises the hackles of therapists everywhere but, hey, we sell shoes.)

We've got just the thing for your inner hero. Spring Blooms by Poetic License is a super-powered sandal that advertises spring like a Gothamite Bat Signal. We're fans of the lavender as opposed to green. (We feel Marvel's Poison Ivy has a lock on those leafy greens; besides, we want to use our wardrobe powers for good.)

Like all good costumes, this heeled sandal is two-toned for maximum retro awesomeness. A light lavender, patent upper tops a four-inch purple heel. Against a dark street scene (like the above photo) the heel retreats and you float just a touch above the ground. Call it your newly discovered super power. An adjustable heel strap leads to this sandal's secret power: a spray of fuchsia leaves in suede over the shiny patent. Fashion yourself a pink cape and, lo!, Spring Blossom is poised to save the world from the nefarious Old Man Winter.

We actually advise against the cape. (You don't want to overplay your hand.) For this shoot we paired it with a supercute gray jumper that showed a lot of leg and left plenty of room for accessorizing. The neutral cast of the outfit focussed attention on the shoes (where it should be). Easily worn with shorts and skirts as well, the main thrust is to let the shoe carry your look and, honestly, just have fun with it. Save your sober pumps for the conference room. Right now we are strapping these beauties on and clicking out dressed for super success! Despite the obvious, sometimes you just have to let everyone else know how fabulous you already are.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.