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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daria by Sam Edelman

Rock and Roll Lifestyle: Sam Edelman's Daria begs for a bad attitude.

Daria's that shy, quiet girl in grade school that went Goth in high school – black nail polish, black, well, everything, smoking cigarettes, secretly getting straight As – dropped off at some small college and discovered fashion sans angst, emerging fifteen years later as a society mover and shaker – a gallery director, a savvy marketing exec for an internationally known vodka label or a senior art director at a powerful ad agency. She wears Ann Klein; she has leather pants. She occasionally smokes weed; she can twist into bakasana crow pose like it's nothing. She reads Vogue, New Yorker, Le Monde, and Us Weekly. Cubs, not Sox. And Sam Edelman in the summertime. All the time.

Daria's a badass, but it's not a posture, it's just experience. Attitude is just there like ballast lending gravity to her look. We dress her up young because we're all young at heart. Black, weathered jeans, oversize print tee, cropped leather jacket, clashing polish (why not?), preferably a healthy dose of fuck-you attitude to keep the weirdos away.

That's summer here in Chicago, our urbs in horto, our city in a garden: It's beautiful, it's dirty. It's a crushed can of PBR in a bed of tulips outside Wrigley. Daria gleams with a crust of cut-glass gems on a diamond-shaped upper. The look is beefy gladiator, able to withstand the fast-paced city scene. We especially love the double cuff around the ankle that lets you get away with something like a cropped jean or graphic skirt. She comes in natural or mineral blue. Both are a hot look for nights out with your girls – perhaps a drinks at The Wit or a shot-and-a-beer in Palookavi-, erm, Wrigleyville. Daria commands respect wherever she goes. Dress appropriately.

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rachael said...

fabulous. WANT! :)

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