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Friday, June 11, 2010

Randy by Charles David

Just One of the Guys: Randy by Charles David gets our motor revving for menswear trends.

Menswear. It's not so much a trend as just a fact. It's more or less going to be around as long as the men are. And, while some days we wish that masculine eschaton would happen sooner (like, right now) than later, we have to admit at least the dudes got some good clothes to pick through.

Case in point: Randy by Charles David. It's one of the more masculine dress styles we've carried for a while. It's just a thrillingly straightforward captoe blucher. Chaz D. has the good sense to keep the classic points of this style intact, but inverts some details to make this dressy number satisfyingly current. For instance: your classic captoe ends at the toebox with a cap over the vamp of the shoe. The Randy's abuts and a double welted seam ends in a piping that reverses the look: the upper seems to go over the cap. Genius. We love it. In fact, most of this shoe seems to be about meeting points: each panel overlaps at discrete points, marked with leather tabs sewn down with a box stitch. This shoe is a handshake. Each part meets and covers the part next to it. We like that kind of camaraderie.

Continue the bonhomie with your outfit. The nice thing about classic men's styles is that they are, well, classic. They kind of shrug and work with what they're paired with. Don a short short or skirt and one of our new apparel pieces for a look that continues Charles David's reversals – men/women/male/female/etc. The cognac color (above, also in black) is a natural with jeans or dress pants. The work/play transition is fairly obvious in that it's really easy.

If you can't beat 'em (or if they won't go away), join 'em, right? One thing the men have going for them is classic styles that weather the seasons. Charles David's Randy is a weathered soul of a sole. Pick one up and see what you can do with it. This show is all about the meeting of parts; show us how you'd introduce it to the rest of your wardobe!

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