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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tatum by Dolce Vita

The Preferred Fur: The Tatum by Dolce Vita put a dash of rabbit fur on a fab bootie.
You may have seen the Tatum gracing our homepage recently. It's a truly beautiful shoe, full of complexity and texture (and she's not afraid to flaunt it). Let's just take a moment to trace the highlights of this exceptional bootie. To start there's the whiskey-barrel caramel of buttery leather upper. This sits like a decadent dessert atop a five-inch cake stand of a heel. The rounded toe is uncomplicated and classic, a smart decision that doesn't detract from Tatum's transcending feature: a shock of rabbit fur bound like sheafed wheat by twin leather belts. Antiqued brass buckles and zippers melt into the scenery.

It's not your typical party shoe for the holiday season and that's why we're endorsing it as such. Leave the glitz to other, more dependent accessories like the Deux Luxe Navy bag with sequins shown above. We love the pile-on of textures here, and even we are surprised by how well the sequins compliment fur and leather. You know what it is? That navy and caramel/warm-cold tension. They push and pull themselves into a delightful stasis. Get decadent!

We all know fur is huge this season. We're glad to see Dolce Vita use the stuff with such artfulness. The leather belts create a sense of restraint, or, from the fur's point of view, bursting forth. Tatum sure has got a lot of tensions to resolve. Work that out on the dance floor, sister! Let's go!

And that where you wear this: out. Moving. Looking good out in the public eye. Your office holiday party. That other holiday party you "accidentally" crashed. (You've got to look good when photobombing strangers' candids.) Tatum can handle it because this bootie wasn't made for holiday, it was made for simply looking glamorous all the time in these months of weak, raking sunlight and blustering winds. Wear this with a dress. Wear it with a skirt. Wear it with denim, leggings, layered socks ... it can take it. The question is, where will you take her?

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