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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flannel by Steve Madden

Glad for Plaid: Flannel's lining makes us all warm and fuzzy for Americana.
The Flannel by Steve Madden is a welcome relief. Don't get us wrong: we love the glitz, the glam—the whole ... pizazz of the holiday season—but we also sometimes need a shoe without metallics, glitter, sequins or shine of any kind. Thus we rush into the waiting arms of our latest amour.

Flannel is pure Americana and, being pure Americans (that is to say, ethnic mutts), we love it. And like a mutt this boot is made up of many parts. The classic captoe work boot is something we've seen a lot in the past few seasons from Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell and Sam Edelman. Flannel bootstraps its way to the top of our list with, well, bootstraps that can snap down for a secure fold-over. (Don't you hate it when your carefully folded-down cuffs get all floppy—one up, one down? Us too!)

An innovation from earlier seasons—the red zipper tape on the boot back—returns and is augmented by a plaid flannel lining. This is our favorite embellishment by far, mostly because we are cold! Also because it is so damned sentimentally cute, reminding us of barns, blankets, owls, carbines, hatchets, beards, beaver dams and the faint smell of woodsmoke in the city.

Trends of late are also well represented. Lace-up front on a military boot with menswear accents ... it's all here. One may be tempted to accuse this shoe of doing to much to which we would reply, why are you arguing with your footwear? Surely you have more important things to do right now. Besides, are we Americans not generally and generously accused of excess in everything we do? Embrace your heritage! We would also say the combination of parts here works quite well in a boot that feels utilitarian but wears easy.

Your standard dress options apply. This shorter boot works with denim, leggings and dresses. The red zipper tape and flannel are the styling anchors. Clash patterns with your leggings or skirts for a youthful street edge or contrast solid colors to bring attention to the boots. Snowy out? Throw on some jeans, lace these up high and clomp around to your heart's content. Flannel by Steve Madden lets you reinvent your look with ease. What could be more American than that?


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