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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pot of Gold by Seychelles

Don't Touch Me Lucky Charms: The Pot of Gold by Seychelles will have you fending off your own treasure seekers.
Why is it called "Pot of Gold"? The metallic gold peeking out from under black? Is the black satin reminiscent of a pig-iron cauldron? Was it designed by wily leprechauns? (Wait, we like this.) Seychelles has hit the jackpot with a shoe that tweaks everything just right and just lovely. Perhaps the most lovely aspect is the return of black to spring. This is a welcome relief from the pastels and neutrals that so often dominate. Our staffer, Ashley, also picks up on this in her post on spring bag trends. That this is done by also carrying over the holiday metallics is simply (and literally) brilliant.

The "just right" we love about Seychelles, as long as we're counting the ways, is how small details are tweaked to make a stand-out shoe, as though someone designed a pretty awesome shoe and went to bed, at which time the cobbler's elv— leprechauns finished the job in the night, elevating it to a masterwork. The four-inch heel is not an extreme height, but the balance of this height with its conical thickness is spot-on. The lift feels significant, but the silhouette seems low and effortless. It's polished, but not too sleek—the edging of natural leather knocks the glitz down a peg. This is not a look begging for affirmation.

In fact there is something overall "edged" about this shoe that thrills us. We like our photographer David's interpretation above: the shoe harshly spotted on a gritty floor. Not the place you'd expect a rainbow to end. It feels like a WeeGee crime photo, or the late-night mugshot of a celebrity. And that's what we like about Pot Of Gold: it continues to reveal itself to us. The semi-open forefoot is a nice transition look from dead winter to high summer. A golden T-strap bridges a cut-out toe and heel cup—all the more opportunity to show off golds and blacks, satins and leathers while appearing to give nothing away.

The funny thing is that Pot's black and gold really are neutrals (oh, you wily leprechauns!). They have more affinity for spring than you'd think at first blush. You can dress this up in cold weather with bright tights for a fun and warm look and, later, bare your legs and put the pizazz in your skirt or dress for clear and bright spring days. It will behave under denim, but we don't think you'd be doing it justice. After all, with a look this rich you're sure to have admirers asking after them. Your response? Somewhere over the rainbow, naturally.


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