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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

24053 Brown by Janet and Janet

Here Comes the Cavalry: Janet & Janet put spurs to the Western look.

Janet & Janet, one of our Italian Exclusives lines, consistently turns out fantastic boots. The delight is in the details with the 24053, a Western boot that with rounded toe, clean lines and belted shaft feels more cavalry than cowpoke. The stitching comes in single and double rows, turning a mode of construction into finely illustrated texture. A reinforced heel tab, top pulltabs, leg cinch and vamp are all carefully curved to lend this utility boot feminine grace.

Then, the leather. It's so supple we want to fold it up and take a bite. (Don't worry, we behaved.) The quality is fantastic. A gold leather lining a nice surprise. This boot is sensual. We want to caress this boot until we maul it. The dusky mud brown simply begs to be scuffed, roughed and worn into weathered beauty. We might buy this boot to wear now, but we're thinking of how wonderful it will look in a year or two. And with a leather sole and stacked wood heel, your cobbler can make sure it lasts at least that long.

Not all is rough and tumble in this Spaghetti Western: the vamp and heel cup are delicately finished with dark burgundy piping. A thin brass plate finishes the heel where it meets the sole, a fashionable vestige of spurs and harnesses. Pick up this tiny detail with big metal accessories. As for outfits, this boot fits into pretty much any look. The straightforward silhouette is functional with a feminine lean; it's the agglomeration of those tiny details that let this boot prop up pretty much any personal style. One final, tiny detail: expect to go up a half size.

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