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Thursday, August 6, 2009

All by Jeffrey Campbell

Urban Combat: Jeffrey Campbell's All brings down the house.

Boots are awfully big for fall, but even Jeffrey Campbell might show a little hubris dubbing his new combat boot the All. Then again ... it does have a little bit of everything we love. To start, this nine-eyed, paratrooper-style (side zip) combat boot is made from incredibly supple and washed leather for a weathered look that feels vintage '44. Details are standard issue as well: double-stitched captoe and reinforced heel and a spat-like upper over a vamp that unfolds into a delightfully floppy tongue. Modern upgrades include fat, waxed cotton laces, a laminated leather sole and one-inch heel, and antiqued ring pull.

We're focussed on the Khaki (over the Brown) because of its slight olive cast, as though we'd been scuffing our feet through the forests of the Western Front (or at least scrubbed them a bit at the local park). The Army green is a versatile neutral and the combat style – a classic elevated back into Trendland – works tirelessly for your outfit.

We say wear it loose, open, unzipped, flopped out. Hunter style. Laces uncinched, tongue hanging out, jeans tucked in. Let it display its personality. As the weather turns cooler, tighten up and don the leggings and skirt. Even cooler: baggy boyfriend jeans cut up and cuffed up. By now you've scuffed up those toes peeking out from beneath to look like a veteran of chic urban trend wars.

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