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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belle by Seychelles

Les Deux Belles: The Belle by Seychelles is (almost) the cutest thing we've seen.

As luck would have it, shooting the Belle coincided with the arrival of this adorable little puppy. So the question arose, "Qui est la plus 'belle?'" While Ginger melted our hearts in a way even shoes can't, we didn't think our jewelry buyer would quite appreciate our stealing her new best friend. Sigh. Seychelles it is.

We don't feel like we're settling. The Belle is a delightfully retro peeptoe pump from a small company we absolutely love. Seychelles is inspired by the mix of vintage glamour and modern design, by classic film, photography and literature. It's sex appeal and intellect. We love Belle's modern details like the tapered four-inch heel that continues the curve of the upper in one long slice; we adore the chocolate patent buttons that remind us of a fusty Victorian buttonup.

Antique gold leather lining, patent trim on buttons and toe and the heel-high upper are nicely balanced with revealing cutouts, trim modern lines and a top-notch construction. The blend of old and new here just feels fresh and versatile. We can see these worked back to your holiday dressy outfits as well as under jeans and leggings. Either way you go, a perfect compliment here is estate jewelry like bold, gem-encrusted rings, brooches and statement bibs and necklaces. The perfect compliment, that is, if you don't live with an eleven-month-old Bischonpoo bundle of cuteness.

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