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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

April by Dolce Vita

April Showers: The April by Dolce Vita is a towering accessory for holiday outfits.

Is it bad we're already thinking about Spring? Fall's a charm, but let's face it: winter's knocking on our door and we just don't feel like answering. Fast. Forward. Please. That's why the optimistically titled April by Dolce Vita has captured our hearts this week. Putting our minds to it, we found the merits of this confident pump to be equal to our emotional commitment.

Let's start with the heel. At five-and-a-half inches, this is less a support than it is a leather-wrapped monument to sex appeal. A significant, one-inch platform will keep your arches free from agony yet let you enjoy the benefits of gentlemen quaking before your newfound height.

The gently pebbled leather wrap feels luxurious and subtle; it softens the sleekly modern compound curves of the sole. These curves lend grace to the platform, preventing it from looking chunky and clunky. The upper is classic with a versatile rounded toe to keep the focus on your overall look.

For holiday outfits, this is a no-brainer. Office parties and holiday get-togethers are all about dressing up and showing off. What better way to accomplish this than standing above the crowd? The black is black; it works with everything, as does the uncomplicated upper. April works to keep your legs long, long, long on that helluva heel, but that simple upper holds something back to let your outfit do the work. We’re picturing holiday party dresses, short skirts, estate jewelry with plenty of crystal catching and throwing the light around you as glide across the floor. Dolce Vita’s a name we trust to provide all that come-hitherishness in a shoe that’s comfortable and quality.

We may be at the onset of winter, but we’re relying on the April’s tall confidence to lift our spirits (and our bums!) high this holiday season until the spring finally arrives.

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