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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Vibrations by Poetic License

Feel the Vibe: The Good Vibrations by Poetic License has us feeling the season.

EEEEEEEE! HOW CUTE ARE THESE SHOES! We picked these up earlier in the season when we were taking a hard look at pumps. Lori was (and is) obsessed with the classic pump silhouette. It is a return to the basics, a return to comfort, a return to the elegantly understated instead of the self-consciously ostentatious. That being said, we strayed (but just a little bit). The Good Vibrations goes a bit beyond classic, but its style is as harmonious as the eponymous Beach Boys tune. It merges multiple elements into one stylish whole.

We LOVE the oversized gingham check in colors that melt our hearts: fuschia, teal, white. Add to that a giant fabric rose looming over a dainty peeptoe and you have a shoe that takes a page out of British stylebooks: clash it just enough to make it amazing. Flowers and checks? Blacks and brights? Oui, nous t'aimons. Customers have walked in the store and made a beeline for this peppy little kicker. It's the footwear equivalent of a puppy: you just want to pick it up and squeeze it and widda widdle wuggums!

And then you put it on your foot. This shoe is vivacious. Because of its festive nature, we like this for holiday and office parties. Continue what this pump starts: break style rules. Your confidence in mixing colors and patterns is the power of your look. Suit up with some herringbone tights (more texture!) or a bright legging (more color!), and pair with your best LBD. Add some glitz with estate jewelry or something from the big bauble aisle, but let your legs and shoes do the work this party season. Shoes that make the outfit? We've got good, good good vibrations indeed.

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