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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lorissa by Sam Edelman

Dragging Heels: You'll want a sprightly step to sport Lorissa by Sam Edelman.

Well, guess you can leave the pepper spray at home.

We're at a loss for words with the Lorissa, mostly because we can't talk while salivating so profusely. We had plans to talk up a different shoe this week (sorry, Caparros) when the sultry and heavily-armed Lorissa caught our eye. And with all those studs and sharp gems there are plenty of places to get snagged. This shoe is two-faced. From the front, a demure but sexy peeptoe is cut out of a velvety black suede upper. A towering five-inch heel is mitigated somewhat by a concealed platform. As you rise toward the heel, though, the quills come out like a Goth hedgehog; the back bristles with metal cone studs and cut gems. It's biker chic meets the marauding horde. A barbarian Bedazzler.

Besides it's versatility as footwear and lethal weapon, the Lorissa has other qualities, such as it is H-O-T-hot. We love the thought of approaching some unsuspecting man at a party, flirting then turning our back on him wanting more ... with a tinge of alarm. We got claws, kid. A word of warning on your look as you prowl the streets: don't over-do it. This shoe has personality out the wazoo. Too much going on up top may come out a hot mess. Keep your outfit sleek and chic and let these sexy numbers give the come-hither looks. You just practice your graceful-walk in five-inchers, secure in the knowledge that you Mace isn't in you clutch, it's on your feet.

The Lorissa will be back in stock on or around Monday, July 12. We apologize for any inconvenience, but, really, are you that surprised?

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anhesty said...

ohhhhhhhhh love these! too bad there arent any 6's left!

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