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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreyfuss by Jeffrey Campbell

The Dreyfuss Affair: Jeffrey Campbell's diaphanous pump makes us want to betray our wardrobe.

We just want to throw it all away. Lose the clothes, the shoes and boots and sandals, chuck the accessories and run off with our new love, Dreyfuss. What is it about this petite pump that makes us want to betray the rest of our wardrobe, to abscond with it in the dead of night and start anew? We definitely respond to its three-inch heel: not too high, not too low. But, no, that's not quite it. The silhouette? Well certainly we like the classic pump shape set to take fall by storm. Love the low heel, full heelcup, low-slung upper ending in a fabric-wrapped toe. But, no ... it's not quite that either.

It must be the wrapped upper.

Or rather, the wrapping, since the upper isn't so much there: it's formed by crisscrossing bands of ruched, diaphanous fabric that hug your foot. Without our foot, Dreyfuss doesn't come to life. She appears deflated. She needs us. We can respond to that. We need her too.

Like this shoe and our illicit desires, the look here is subversively conservative. Dreyfuss builds a femmy, classy, sexy look on top of a fairly straightforward pump silhouette. Work with that. Palette: whites, beiges, blacks with an emphasis on whites. What about a pair of ankle-cropped white cigarette pants? Right? We know. Or change up the office girl look with a clean knee-length secretary skirt which will make the Dreyfuss look like a peek at the flirt beneath the professional crust.

Summer's raging across the country. While we're (always) looking forward to fall, we want to see the summer through in relative comfort. The fabric composition of this pump is easy and cool on the foot, making it a practical solution in addition to a romantic obsession. But really that's just a justification which in the heat of our passion we don't need. We're happy to be wrapped in the fabric of our fantasy for Dreyfuss, heat be damned.

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