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Friday, July 9, 2010

View by Franco Sarto

Seeing the Potential: Franco Sarto's View is the foundation of many a look.

Maybe we're just getting older. You know, set in our ways, taking less risks and we still don't know why we need an iPad. Maybe we're just getting ... boring. All of this is true, especially the boring part. Classic pumps – and we mean classic – no frills, no embellishments, no crazy materials, no hidden lifts (well a couple) or fancy colors are the crest of fall's trend wave. We hesitate to even label them a trend as they've been around forever and are now, for once, getting their due.

Franco Sarto's View is an excellent example, though even the View spices things up with a conservative peeptoe. The colors are exquisitely boring: black, beige (shown) and moss. The four-inch heel (half-inch platform) is safely high. No ka-RAY-zy five-inchers here, folks. The upper has a graceful swoop rising to a full heel cup (don't want to show too much skin after all). It's all just so nicely – yawn (excuse us) – put-together. If this shoe went to a party, the host would remark, "Oh hel-lo! Terribly sorry, remind me of your name again?" Twice. At least.

The View's a wallflower, and that's just the way we like it. Our closets are full of Jeffrey Campbells and Sam Edelmans, Italian Exclusives in exotic materials. This blog is guilty on all counts of advocating a look that starts feet-first at the expense of the rest.  Sometimes you must go back to basics. Sometimes your shoe must play a supporting role. Sometimes you have to make your pump a little bit boring to make the whole ensemble an outrageous success.

The View, like all our classic pumps, is a team player. It is superb foundation piece. The conservative cut, the considered colors, the classic look make the View supremely easy to build upon. The hues chosen are masterfully blended. You have to see the beige to believe how subtly it bridges grays and tans and taupes: a perfect neutral. All-day comfort is a matter of course. With the View we'd load up on bold accessories or break out a more complicated top. Skirts, still, as it is July after all. (We'd see them working under linen pants as well.) The View moves between looks effortlessly, giving you leeway to experiment. We're all about wearing beautiful footwear, all the time. View is no exception; it simply works behind the scenes to keep you gorgeous and, in our view, that's not boring at all.

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