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Thursday, August 5, 2010

20413 by Khrio

Spotlight: Khrio's micro-shearling short boot is a great way to usher in the fall season.

We know it's still hot – a better word might be melty – but that doesn't changed the inevitable and glee-filled fact that cooler climes await us come fall. It certainly has not escaped the attention of the folks over at Khrio. They've shipped us a darling little boot with the ungainly moniker of 20413. (Unless you are Robert Duvall, we believe shoes, like people, should have a name.)

The 20413 is a light transition boot with a number of beguiling features, chief among them that it looks great with socks. This is important as socks are more important this season than most. In fact, we have taken the liberty of pairing not one but two pairs of socks with the '413 in the photo above: a heavier grey rib knit under a sheer burgundy wool. The look is appropriate to Khrio's designing, a kind of future-perfect casual ... like a bootie moc in space. The look is cool and also cozy. We're wearing this with longer boyfriend jean shorts and a well-loved tee or cardigan (or both depending on the temperature).

The idea is comfort over cool (though that does not exclude chic). This is a look we're seeing in the star set yonder West with the emergence of the Warishofer sandal sported by Maggie Gyllenhaal and others. Let's just say it's comfort level exceeds its pulchritude. Khrio's 20413 is lined with a soft micro-shearling inside a suede upper. This is stitched to a molded crepe sole. It wears like pure comfort and, while it looks casual, it does not look sloppy. This is an important distinction. Call the look an offshoot of the sexy librarian. Maybe we'll coin it the "sultry academic." (This is not to say you can't pop these on with jeans for a quick errand run; they excel at that as well.)

We're in transition mode (or "transistion" mode if you spotted the typo in our recent mailer. Whoops!) Both modes require a versatile shoe that can work with summer and fall palettes and temperatures. Khrio lives for this time of year. The 20413 is light enough to wear today and warm enough for October evenings. It works because it has a straightforward, classic, low-boot profile that supports your look (remember: socks!) regardless of season. And did we mention it comes in brown and navy? Now you have no excuses. We know you are a quick study. Show it with a pair of these beauts and flaunt your best post-grad come-hither look.

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