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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dallas by Jeffrey Campbell

Fringe Benefits: Jeffrey Campbell's Dallas revs up the fall boot season.

When we think of restraint, Jeffrey Campbell does not spring to mind. The designer, known for creative new uses for pushpins, thumbtacks, buckles and the like, is more often our first choice for edgy looks and creative daring. In that sense the Dallas does not surprise (though we are, of course, happy). Never one to settle on just a trend, Campbell made a boot that comprises, well, most of them: suede, fringe, OTK boots, Western looks ... this fall Dallas is fall.

Dallas reaches to the knee and, though there is a turn-down, it's meant to stay down – the brass nailheads edging the seams are meant to be seen. And the fringe. The fringe! Don't mistake this for a moccasin, Undaunted Courage-inspired riff. This fringe is there to simply sway and look magnificent, a hip and shaggy 'do on a chic Western boot. The effect is enhanced by the scalloped seam of the shaft which lends a naturally sinuous drape to the suede. We're fans of suede. It's coming back in bags and boots across the board. The soft look and hand of suede feels right this season. Looks aside, a three-inch heel, top zipper with belted cinch and leather calf lining make fitting and wearing Dallas a no-brainer.

We recommend wearing this boot naked. (What else is it you think you need?) This boot was just made for parading around looking glorious and we can't think of anything that will outshine the Dallas except your self. But if you want to save the prancing for bedrooms and closed curtains, you can venture out in leggings and a simple shift. Between the studs, heel, fringe and supple suede you are not going to need a whole lot more. Like its namesake city and TV show, Dallas is big and glamorous. It is a sashay, not a walk. Wearing Dallas will make you feel in the spotlight ... even with your clothes on.

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