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Thursday, September 30, 2010

D53 by Ripicca

Become a Convert: Ripicca's D53 is two boots – and two looks – in one.
One thing you gotta give the military: they're pragmatic. Not a lot of flowery embellishment in the armed forces we daresay. And while efficiencies may be a theory espoused more than practiced, we're happy to see the concept spill over into our fall fashion. The D53 by Ripicca is one of many shoes this fall to embrace the military look but one of the few to capitalize so well on its practical nature.

The practicality starts with boots on the ground: a satisfyingly hefty lug sole has enough grip to let you march on the slickest of surfaces. We burned out on the lug sole about a decade ago, but a ten-year breather freshens them up. The D53 also taps into what's being called the "spat boot" or "collared boot"—a turn-down on the shaft that reaches past the ankle to cover the arch. What's so lovely about this taupe spat with twin buckles is that it is removable: flip a snap at the back heel and, voilà, you have a decidedly less-military black Chelsea boot. If the D53 is your soldier look, this Chelsea is your outfit on leave. In civvies, so to speak, the D53 is a classic ankle boot that can work back to pretty much any outfit.

Wear these to work looking all sober and responsible, pop on the sleeves in the evening and you're ready for happy hour and then some. Sleeveless, try them with jeans or even office attire—the lugged bootie is a great choice for commutes through inclement weather. With the taupe spat on, we're feeling more of a shorter skirt or shorts look (leggings depending on the temperature and your frame of mind).

We also take a cue from our guest bloggers Valerie and Camilla of A Butterfly by Day. They pair military looks by Sam Edelman with softly feminine silhouettes, patterns and hairstyles to break up the regimental tendencies of such boots. The result is sweetly complex and a blast to wear. The point being that the D53 blends classic boot shapes with inspired military touches to give you a whole bunch of something you don't often find in the army: options.

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