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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dixie by Sam Edelman

Just Add Black Lipstick: Sam Edelman's Dixie ain't just whistlin' about the over-the-knee look.

Well at least this fall will not be boring. Over-the-knee boots, a huge trend in Fall 2009, is ramping up to be even bigger (or is that taller?) this season. While fall is always boot time, we had an inkling that booties and shorter styles would be the dominant boot. But taller and taller styles keep arriving ... and leaving in UPS boxes bound for excited customers. Sam Edelman's Dixie takes the look to a level that strains the definition of "over-the-knee" and conjures thoughts of hip waders.

When our boyfriends go to buy new suits (and this is indeed a rare occasion), there is a rule of thumb to determining a good fit. Don the jacket. Stand straight with hands loosely cupped. If the edge of the jacket hits at your fingers, it is the right size.

The same measurement can be used for these boots. Striking at mid-thigh after 22 pairs of eyelets, the Dixie is an incredible tower of badassedness. The upper of the boot has solid military/combat styling on a lug sole. The shaft rises past combat, past engineer, past logger lengths to something just ... vertiginous. At $322 they are not our cheapest boots, but consider this: you won't need pants. (Oh! The savings!) A simple mini works. Tights are perfect. In the past we've layered these over a purple bootliner and teal tights with a black mini skirt. The look is a dark, dark Mod. It is very sexy.

This look is edgier than a Chinese throwing star so respect it. (Edgier, but not difficult: a side zipper saves you the torture of unlacing to get in them.) Vintage denim jackets, fingerless gloves, biker gear = yes. A short trench over a mini and tortoiseshell  glasses, neck scarf, dark glasses ... you got us at "trench." Aggressive! We could also see some Madonna-inspiration (of "Desperately Seeking Susan" era) working here. Hell, find some coquettish plaid, a shrunken sling bag and Sharpie Xs on the back of your hands to wear it like a straight-edge lumberjack. These boots may be specific, but because they grab so many elements from military looks, Goth styling, punk and work gear, you can bend that specificity to your wardrobe whims. Go wild. These boots are already there.

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