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Monday, February 14, 2011

Jarn by Boutique 9

Spinning Jarns: Boutique 9's laser-perfed boot kicks off spring with style. Shown with Pietro Alessandro bag.

We've heard it before: "The military trend should surrender;" "We're unsaddled by all the equestrian;" "Those Western boots should move back east." Apparently some of you are tired of boots.

You obviously haven't played around with a laser cutter.

Thankfully, Boutique 9 has. The Jarn stands as a firm rebuke to your trend fatigue. Think you have enough of the menswear/military-industrial utility boot? Maybe. Do you have said trend that also looks like it were made out of leathery lace? Jarn represents the ultimate refreshment to weary boot lovers. It is both a straight-shooting calf-high boot and wicked take on filigree. This lightweight and light-looking style sings spring.

Boutique 9 has impressed us across the board this year with their refined leathers. It is because of shoes like these we're hoping Web 3.0 will have an honest-to-God "touch" screen. Pictures simply don't tell the whole story; you need to feel these. Jarn takes this leather hand even further with its seemingly delicate upper that rises like smoke from a utilitarian round toe and one-and-a-quarter-inch heel. (An inseam calf zip means you won't tear this lacy goodness.)

We often think of boots as a fall look, but Jarn demonstrates how they can march right into, well, March. You can scrunch this down if you like—Jarn will take it—but we're thinking wear it high for a while and get those appreciative looks, then change it up as the season progresses. We're loving it with bright, pure whites like the Pietro Alessandro bag above and a natural/neutral palette. Dark denim is an obvious color choice too. As for the opportunities with leggings, well, can you think of a boot that lends itself more to colors and patterns than one you can pretty much see through? As April Francis demonstrated last week, clashing patterns can work for spring.

We don't think the perforated boot will be a trend. That's why we like it. Don a pair of these airy boots and take a breather from the styles you've stocked up. It's refreshing and different but has enough common features to keep it from being outright strange while ensuring you look outright gorgeous and unique this spring.


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