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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Darien by Report

Glad for the Blooms: Report's stripped-down gladiator is dressed up with a big bouquet.
We were getting all cranked up to write about selective spots of bright color this season, but what has been arriving is the flip side of that coin: the basics and neutrals you need to showcase beautiful hues. Now, we wouldn't go so far as to call Report's Darien a "basic," but it is the most active-looking neutral we have seen in along time.

Springtime is inevitably flowers-on-the-shoes time; 2011 is no exception. Darien arrives at your door in full and perpetual bloom. The fabric rosettes' outer petals have a fils-coupe casual edge. The center bloom is comprised of tightly clustered leather petals. Two sets of blush leather bands at the mid-foot and ankle faintly echo the gladiator look without being difficult to dress. You can fuss with the three adjustable ankle straps or simply scoot in  and out via the rear zip.

Darien is a busy little spring sandal, but the all-over neutral palette restrains it. The result is a nice mix: this sandal has an optimistic energy in a colorway that's agreeable with just about anything. Slip on the Darien and your pop of color becomes your bag, your belt, a bold print dress, killer shades, bright earrings.

On the heels of some of our other recent posts, like Kitty's rehash of the vintage slip, April's clash mashing and Ashley's sassy take on the tulle, we expect you to take this shoe to daring new territory. We wonder aloud what Darien would look like with a punchy floral maxi—Garden of Eden or overgrown lot? We want to carry that floral motif through the whole look and temper it with tightly edited spots of color and texture over a generally neutral foundation. Comment here and let us know what you think!

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