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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feel the Rhythm by Poetic Licence

It's Gonna Get You: Poetic Licence dances into spring with a floral motif pump.
Feel the Rhythm sounds appropriate for a Poetic Licence pump—their shoes always look like crystallized bits of music, as if whatever wackiness ensued at their magical footwear laboratory settled into the very fabric of the shoe itself. When we wear this pump we are hard-core channeling Gloria Estefan. This shoe is going to get us despite our best efforts to save our payche— What's that? $122? ... That's for both of them, right? Well. That's not so bad for some spring dancin' shoes.

(And if you've been paying attention on Facebook and our mailers, you'd know we regularly give some Poetic away, which is even cheaper, though you pay in anticipation.)

The flower motif is a perennial spring favorite and we've already seen a number crop up, including Poetic itself. What we like about Rhythm is that is doesn't sport flowers or floral patterns, it has been made into a flower. The upper is made of overlapping petals of rose leather, fronted by a bloom of dusky rose patent around a peeptoe. (Does this make your toes the stamen?)


Rhythm's not just for the dance floor. It's a versatile pump that can play it cute or serious. It sounds like a complicated and specific shoe, but the color-on-color treatment (it also comes in neutrals) holds the shoe together. Try it with a marine stripe top—both pieces are light and airy and the navy and white stripes will complement this fresh rose pump. Short dresses with a '70s feel—think busy patterns, chock-a-block geometrics—will highlight the Rhythm's internal lines.

Poetic always has a few surprises and Rhythm is no exception. The screaming lemon yellow sole is a bright surprise, and the yellow logo cutout on the heel is a nice touch. We love the patent-wrapped heel and heelcup. The glossy, dark back contrasts with the lighter forefoot to make your foot seem taller, even though at 4-1/2" with a 1/2" platform, the heel is fairly manageable.

Extra height without even trying? Now that's something we can groove to all night.


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