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Friday, March 11, 2011

Alpha by Libby Edelman

This is Just the Beginning: Libby Edelman's Alpha is a welcome respite from the wedge trend.
Wedges and heels are big this spring (and big with heights soaring past the five and a half mark). Natural fabrics like hemp rope and raffia always tend to crop up when the lilies bloom. Bright pastels and cottony fabrics are an annual ushering into the new season. We love it—no shame there—but this week we're going in the opposite direction: shiny, flat driver mocs.

Did we mention they are shiny, flat driver mocs by Libby Edelman? You may have a passing familiarity with her husband and business partner, Sam. Ms. Edelman, a former editor for Harper's and Seventeen, as well as co-designer and partner of Sam Edelman has crafted her line to reflect the needs of the modern-day lady—comfortable, versatile, fashionable. Something to go from mom to power broker in a step.

Or a drive. Libby's new Alpha flat are so very exciting that we had to sweep all the wedges and towering heels off the table and just look admiringly at these patent flats. Glossy and deeply saturated in black, turquoise and pink (really more of a profound lavender), these flats are a relief from the heights. The nubbly rubber bottoms are grippy and cushioning. The stylized logo medallion on the toe is at bold, but the color-on-color scheme gives it a touch of classy reserve.

Sometimes (most times?) just slipping on a flat is such an easy relief. Wear them as chic commuting shoes ... or keep them on in the office. Their timeless look works with pretty much anything from pants to jeans to dresses, and the bold color lends a lot of personality to your look. We love our high shoes, but right now the Alpha is looking like the start of a great spring season. Enjoy!


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