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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A596 Short Boot by Strategia

These Boots Were Made for Gawking: Strategia's A596 is a gorgeous spring boot that bucks trends.
A cornerstone of Lori's Shoes is our emphasis on selection and quality. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our Italian Exclusives—the happy results of Lori's bi-annual trips to Milan to scout the shows for new collections and inspirational styles. Most of the lines we carry from Italy are available only at Lori's. We love Jeffrey Campbell as much as you, but what if you could also get the Italian Jeffrey Campbell in the same store—completely different approach, but the same singular vision? It's not easy to do, but this season we did it with Strategia's A596 short boot in Rust and Grey.

One reason we love this boot (and, really, lust after may be more appropriate) is because it is so unexpected. We are a-swamp in wedges, sandals, slingbacks, '70s-inspired designs and colors and natural materials (enough straw and raffia to open a dude ranch). We have very little in the "snakeskin-embossed leather/metallic top-stitching/brass studs" department. As with all things Italian, the quality of the detail on top of a masterfully crafted shoe is a signature. The silhouette is classic with a stacked two-inch heel, rounded toe and scalloped opening with tab. The burned-suede toe lends a vintage effect, but the embossed reptile flames and metallic blue zig-zag stitching under a row of brass medallion studs are all very right now.

And very what will be. The metallics and metal accents will carry through fall, as obviously will the easy shape which will support everything from skinny jeans to that street-rustic look under dresses and skirts. The half-rand with squared buckle merges the harness/biker look with cowboy sensibilities. This only increases the range of wearability—go from sassy-casual to garage rocker with a change of tops and accessories. Cowboys ride motorcycles, don't they?

Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Would we write it up if it weren't? While importing shoes from Italy is not cheap, a determined shopper could place a nickel and a dime on every craft detail of this shoe and account for the cost. Or just take our word for it. (We're good for it. Swear.) The A596 is an investment purchase. It has the shape, comfort and craft to stay in your closet as long as you own that closet. The details are lush but not so specific as to obsolesce after a season. The A596 is a sassy and daring chameleon: as you break it in, it will blend into your look, a look that solicits the epic social win, "Where did you get that??"


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