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Friday, April 29, 2011

11201 by Khrio

Sneaky People: Khrio's sporty-casual low top for those days you want style without the pain.
We're not going to wear heels and five-inch wedges every day, are we? Are we? We didn't think so. Spring brings a lot of rain and warmer weather, but it also brings a release from the house arrest winter imposes. In Chicago, that means running season has started. Whatever your stance on forefoot vs. midfoot running, stability vs. racing flats, triathlons vs. marathons, the fact remains that people are getting outside and getting going.

This is the shoe the rest of us wear. The 11201 by Khrio isn't an "official" athletic shoe by any means (and we do not advocate wearing this one for any mileage). It is a sporty little number that falls into that space between style and athletics, taking on attributes of both while committing to neither. Italian leather inside and out, we are in love with the subtle coloring of the 11201—a cool, light grey braced with straps of dark steel blue with matching laces. Delicate touches like the double-stitched scalloped toe are dear to our hearts, and a thick, rubber, no-height sole is priceless for our posture.

Like similar styles by Clarks and UES, the sneaker look is a refreshing change-up to other trends we've cited here like '70s throwback, boho stylings and various wedges. The casual street look can support more than you think—just look above how the color carries through from causal kicks to a blue, faux ostrich tote! Work straw clutches and statement jewelry into the mix as well.

The key to pulling off this look without looking 1) like you are borrowing your daughter's shoes and 2) slovenly is a basic outfit, and by "basic" we include denim, khakis, skirts, dresses with solid or minimal pattern and clean silhouettes. Keep the base layers easy and simple and let accessories on your feet, neck and arm put the pizzazz into your profile. This way your sneakers become more considered—more youthful, less clinging-to-the-past; hip, not tragic.

Isn't it just nice to have a middle ground between your workout gear and your going-out ensemble? Pick up a pair of fashionable sneaks and embrace the energy of spring. The sentence is lifted; you are free to go, and we suggest you do it in style.


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