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Friday, May 6, 2011

Enfield by Bass & Co.

Old Sport: Bass & Co.'s Enfield takes a page from Gatsby for a dapper summer look.
The Enfield by Bass & Co. looked so Gatsby the company just couldn't get past it. Word is they did the Charleston down in shipping/receiving when it arrived, and customer service just can't stop signing their emails "Good to see you, old sport." Over here in the creatives department where cooler heads prevail, we're taking on the role of Nick: simply observing. OK, not entirely true since we did dress up this pristine buck to look like Dr. T.J. Eckleberg (though we balk at intimating our site is any Valley of Ashes).

Enough with the allusions. [Head shake, self-slap] OK! That the classics continue to excite us is just testament to the power of clean lines and simple colors. What also excites us is that this white-and-tan buck with the wingtip punching and red gum sole is only $60. Since this look has weathered the trends for about one hundred years, at that price you may as well get two pair since the look will stay but the price certainly will not. (Not to mention you won't feel quite so bad when you first scuff that snowy white toe, knowing there's a fresh pair back in your closet.)

We have loads of new dresses perfect for this shoe. Their tailored lines can support the menswear look of the Enfield for a jaunty "Gal Friday" look. Balance the masculinity with a wide-brimmed sun hat or a Melie Bianco bow bag. Dress down options are easy with khakis and casual pants (jeans may look a bit forced here).

Bass & Co. has a range of loafers, bucks and spectators that epitomize the menswear/classic look. The Enfield's two-tone appeal wins our hearts, but for those who want to put the look on a pedestal, the Glenbrook spectator takes our dear Enfield up a notch with a demure 2-3/4" heel. Either way you like it, Bass takes their finger off the pulse and keeps its focus on what it knows: keeping the classics contemporary from the Gilded Age to the Google Era.


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