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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pierre by Dolce Vita

Eighties Gold: Go a step beyond the '70s trend with the decadent mid-heeled Pierre from Dolce Vita.
The new Pierre by Dolce Vita hooks into a quietly rising trend—the mid-heel—and looks back to some of our more extravagant cultural moments—that's right: the Eighties! (In a good way, promise.) A departure from the ever-climbing heights of last fall and also a change from spring's usual offering of flat sandals and casuals, the Pierre mid-heel measures an easy two inches. The mid-heel lends a bit of stability and lift to your posture familiar from any boot heel. It's a confident height. The feel is polished, a touch reserved.

The Pierre itself, however, is anything but modest. You get a little bit of height and a lot more mileage out of that chunky little gold stack. The straight-edged cylinder compliments a gold leather lining under the straps. The upper and footbed are equally luxurious: gleaming black patent makes this shoe as slick, confident and ferocious as a Grace Jones video.

The inspiration is pure '80s. It is "The Love Boat" meets a Helmut Newton photo shoot. Just imagine the Pierre beneath an asymmetrical, nautical-inspired one-piece bathing suit with Ray-Bans, a huge sun hat and fire engine red lipstick. Big gold statement jewelry. If the breeze off the ocean is too much, throw on your boyfriend's Oxford button-down and a high-waisted skirt. No yacht? Shorts are a blessing for these sandals and Pierre's reserved lines encourage embellishment with neck and wrist adornments.

Pierre latches onto that '80s confidence but loses the decadence in its minimal lines and middling heel height. In a season when '70s vibes are all the rage, we like Dolce Vita's skip forward a couple years on the timeline to bring us something equally compelling, yet unique.


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