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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loop by French Sole

Thrown for a ... French Sole's Loop is a charming take on a simple flat.French Sole
French Sole's Loop may just be the perfect shoe to sell online. Though its name claims Norman ties, these beguiling skimmers are made in Italy. The subject matter is a riot of international newspaper clippings, Japanese advertisements, ukiyo-e prints, Siberian tigers and African cheetahs, zebras and giraffes. To try make a pair at home, set Wikipedia on random, pour into blender set to chop, mold into a glossy EVA upper and finish with genuine leather instep and sole. Loop: a flat perfectly in synch with our online lives.

Fortunately Loops also function as excellent footwear in the offline world. The all-leather inside and bottom ensure a smooth ride and a slow conformation to your foot shape for a comfortable fit. The upper is entirely man-made but, hey, that glossy patent stuff ain't exactly extracted from plant root.

Laminated into each shoe is a different theme: Animal, Newsprint and Japan. The photos are jumbled and overlaid in what only can be termed "fifth-grade craft," but the results are simply loveable. Instead of faux animal hair or embossing, close-ups of animals from magazines provide a stand-in that dissolves into animal-y looking print from a distance. Likewise the newsprint and Japan options, where typeface and screenprinted graphics surrender information to form pure, jaggy patterns.

Pair these up with capris, a tank and summerweight scarf or cardi. For something a touch more mature/less casual, switch to an unbleached linen, A-line dress at knee- or tea-length and let the subtle colors and patterns of the shoes add youthful pop. Obviously it's an easy option with jeans as well. With most busy shoes, we suggest letting them do the work; don't force the issue with lots of patterns up top. Continue the interest with well-chosen accessories on the neck, wrist and ear. As for a bag? Clean and beautiful with a bit of structure or a fab summer tote. But these are merely suggestions. As French Sole's Loop has shown, sometimes more is simply, well, more.


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