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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cast-Mid by Jeffrey Campbell

Winter's First-Aid: Jeffrey Campbell's Cast heals our longing for spring.

The Cast is one of those pre-spring sandals you see in the dead of a Chicago winter and think "Yeah, I guess." Then you ask your friend to do you a good turn and model them, maybe try them with the new HUE denim tights? and she does and then you're like "Got it. Damn. Want them. Need them. Also in black?" and then you've got two pair shoes and couldn't care less it will take you three hours to get home on the Eisenhower in this blizzard.

That's the Cast. It FIXES things. It makes you a better person ... yes, even on the inside. And since today mid-blizzard we're all about feeling good by looking good, we're only going to talk about them in relation to denim tights. We spell "obsession" H-U-E. Not exactly denim per se, these second-skinners are rendered with a trompe l'oeil denim pattern replete with whiskering, seams and faux pockets. It's the dream jean with the perfect fit, nevermind they are not actually jeans. What else? Big, drapey, oversized number or a long cardi. Ropey, drapey multistrand necklaces or clacky-clanky bangles. Spring's thing is ethnic and natural: wood beads, cotton canvas, layered applique.

Cast fits into this accessories trend looking less plaster bandage and more like a maverick from basketweaving masterclass. Thin supple leather straps meet along the foot top in some complex knotting thing we won't even try to understand. These end at a heel back with zipper above a three-inch, leather-wrapped cone heel. The supple straps make for an easy fit in addition to a complex peek-a-boo effect. (Did we mention the peeptoe??)

The chit-chat between sandal and legging is complex and ... well, we get choked up just thinking about it. The opaque tights and the barely-there shoe. How both are sexy and revealing in a coy, even sly, way. Seductive and enticing, but dans mode and cool (if not cooler-than-thou). Be brave and wear with footed leggings outdoor, or simply get yours now and prance around inside all snuggly and warm listening to "Girl Talk." Once you've got them, this is one shoe you will not want to ... (dare we? we do.) ... cast off.

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