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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jane Tall Cuff by Frye

Sweet Jane: Frye's OTK is ideal for standing on the corner or copping any other Velvet Underground song.

This boot transports us. Donning it zaps us from the cold slush of 2010 Chicago's Lincoln Park to the cold slush on Park Ave South outside Max's Kansas City circa 1969, hoping we'd run into Lou Reed or John Cale or, flutter, Nico.

Cousin to the Jane Stitch (in to-die-for Redwood), the Tall Cuff differentiates itself with an over-the-knee extension which can be cuffed down just below the knee. The finish on Frye's top-quality leather is an over-washed beige that adds texture and depth to the clean lines of this boot. It also shows off the rich chestnut of the heel and sole. The only functional detail is a cinch at the top back of the boot shaft.

Wear it as such: contemporary with the clean lines of HUE's denim leggings and a high-belted long cardi. Or harken back to the spirit of the times in '69 with boho details like spring jewelry's natural palette and nature-inspired materials like canvas and wood in bold statement pieces.

The color and quality of the Jane make it our recommendation for your staple OTK boot. You can dress this boot up or down and wear it for hours on end without ending the evening in arch-induced agony. If jeans and denim leggings aren't your bag, try these with an colorblocked, structured dress, opaque tights and long straight hair. (We prefer bangs, but that's your call.) This boot will carry from today through the spring with its light color and clean lines. We guarantee you will fall in love with sweet Jane and that love will be returned when you wear them on the street. After all: Anyone who ever had a heart / Wouldn't want to turn around and break it.

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