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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gypsy by Seychelles

Seychelles Seashells ... : The Gypsy makes us want to wander to exotic locales.

Yes, please!

Oh, drat. We got ahead of ourselves. What we meant to say was, "Yes, please!"

There we go again.

It's hard not to get so excited when the object of our acquiescence is the Gypsy by Seychelles. According to their website, Seychelles's spring theme is La Femme Qui Voyage, to which we reply "Oui, s'il vous plait!" One. Track. Mind over here. The theme of traveling is welcome. We want a trip. We need a trip. And we want the Gypsy on our feet – this aptly named heel being a joy in which to wander about feeling exotic.

What's the cause of our single-mindedness? The passion starts with a blood orange-red suede upper, gathered and stitched into a corrugated kind of cool and finished with a matte gold buckle. We like the coverage over the front of the ankle. The foot looks wrapped in soft suede. Swaddled. Cradled. You don't wear the Gypsy so much as luxuriate in it. Luxury isn't price; it is the quality of our comfort: looking better and feeling better amplify each other. This shoe has that. A stacked leather heel looks great and is balanced by a modest hidden platform and a cushioned insole. The nap of the suede and the brushed finish of the buckle enhance the rich, warm tones. The swaths of leather coyly reveal your foot.

It's winter here in Chicago, but we're wearing this now. Play off the tight pleats with luxe socks or leggings ... or both for an ultra-layered look. Spring's shaping up to be more casual, more local, more personal. The Gypsy's bold color both singles you out and taps into ethnic/tribal trends – the exoticism of far-away local places. It will work well with statement wood and cloth jewelry and look at home beneath shorts or floaty dresses. (Of course, no one will object if some skinny jeans found their way in.) Come to think of it, the Gypsy would be just perfect for your trip to see Chris Ofili's exhibition at the Tate Modern.

It's nearly February. We're restless, curious. Call it wanderlust. Call it we're-tired-of-wearing-wellies-every-day. Maybe ahead of ourselves is exactly where we are supposed to be – somewhere off in the spring with a shoe that's lusty and laidback, luxe but easy, richly colored and detailed. Doesn't that sound perfect right about now?

Yes, please.

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